AUTOMATION SYSTEM; All systems such as Lighting, Audio, Music, Projection system, Display system, and Camera Record systems in meeting halls can be controlled manually and automatically by the Fixed and Mobile Touch-Panel control system in our Meeting Halls and Lounge section.

Our meeting halls are illuminated by square spot and fluorescent fixture type and non-eye soring daylight PLC bulb type illumination devices selected to comply with the Illumination light conditions and the relevant specifications and rules. All fixture groups, dimmable in group or in single section, are switched on and off in a single section in accordance with the nature of the meeting. Such adjustments can be readily made manually or over the mobile Touch-Panel.

  • Kramer VP-23N Presentation Switcher
  • Lite Puter DX-626 6-Channel DMX Dimmer Mixer
  • Creston MPS-100 control Processor
  • Creston CGDMX-512 BI Lighting Control Modules
  • Creston CH-DIM4-D9 Lighting Control Modules
  • Creston CLXI-1DIM4-D9 Lighting Control Modules
  • Crestron CNX-B12 Wall Mount Touch-Panel Modules
  • Crestron TPMC-4 Mobile Touch-Panel Modules

Our meeting halls are equipped with Audio and Music systems suitable for individual and joint use in each section of our meeting halls. If requested, the discussions in a meeting can be recorded and submitted to the relevant organization when the meeting ends. The equipment containing the system and devices can be manually and automatically controlled and also they can be integrated to external devices. The specifications of the devices within this scope are stated below

  • Automation System devices.
  • Yamaha MG-16/6 C 16 Channel Mixer.
  • Wharfedale S-1000 2x230 watt Power Amp.
  • Sennheiser EV-135 UHF 16 channel hand held radio microphone.
  • Sennheiser EW-112 UHF 16 channel Lavalier Microphone.
  • TOA TS-900 Chairman - Delegate System Central Unit.
  • Sufficient number of TOA TS-901 Chairman Microphone.
  • Sufficient number of TOA TS-902 Delegate Microphone.
  • Sufficient number of TOA TS-904 Gooseneck Microphone.
  • SENNHEISER ME-2N Condenser Microphone.
  • EXTRON Microphone Panel
  • QUAD Q-6 two-way speakers.
  • QUAD Q-5 two-way speakers.
  • Astron M-2A Microphone table stands.
  • Inter M PR-331A Wheeled Glass-Door Case

Every section of our meeting halls is equipped with Projection Systems suitable for individual or joint use. The equipment containing systems and devices can be controlled manually or over the Automation System and can be integrated into external devices and TV broadcast video can be displayed on the displays and on In-Hall TVs. They can transfer any images sent via the system on the Smart board or the projection screen on request. The specifications of the system and devices within this scope are stated below.

  • Crestron CH-HRMOT2-D6 Projector Motor Control Module
  • Crestron TRS-3100L Projector Motor Control Kit.
  • Sanyo PLC-XU 88 Projector
    • Resolution: 1024 x 768 Resolution
    • Brightness: 3000 ANSI Lumen
    • Contrast: 500:1 Contrast
    • Pc In: Yes
  • Lift Motorized Projector Lift
  • Yamaha DV-C 6860 DVD Player
  • Extron 60-533-02 Panel Case
  • Extron 70-101-73 VGA Panel
  • Extron 70-093-72 Video Panel
  • Extron 70-103-14 Microphone Panel
  • Samsung 82cm multipurpose TVs

Every section of our meeting halls is equipped with Camera Record Systems. The equipments composed of the system and devices are controlled manually or via the Automation System. The recording system of our meeting halls supports recording the requested images through a Keyboard Joystick by the Chairman and automatic recording. The images can be recorded and submitted in DVD or Flash Drive after the meeting on request. The lounge section is monitored by a central system. The specifications of the system and devices within this scope are stated below.

  • Samsung SPD-1000P 10X Zoom Speed Dome Camera and Stands
  • Samsung SCC-3100A Control Keyboard Joystick
  • Samsung SVR-440NWH 4CH DVR and HDD

Data supply lines are installed in every section of our meeting halls. Access to the meeting is possible from another place via the wired Internet access from the Chairman's desk using a smart board and a laptop. Other users can access the fast wireless Internet via the Wireless devices in the meeting halls. Minutes of any meeting can be printed and the meeting printouts can be taken from the printers in the meeting halls at once.

We supply Benches, Head Table, Flip Chart, Notepads and Pens.