Having started to serve the guests in 1961 as a humble single-star, 35-room hotel under the name "Yenişehir Palas", it reached a new level after being purchased by İbrahim Şehitoğlu in 1972. The hotel was expanded to a two-star, 90-room hotel in 1995 as a result of the structural alterations and renovations performed at intervals after it was purchased by the Şehitoğlu Family, which is among the established families in the hotel business in Istanbul.

The hotel has taken a leap forward after Mehmet Şehitoğlu, the second generation representative of the family, headed the business as the general manager. Mehmet Şehitoğlu and Bedia Şehitoğlu, the civil engineer members of the family, commenced a large-scale reconstruction process in the hotel.

The Hotel Management first changed the name “Yenişehir Palas” to “The Peak Hotel” in line with the international marketing purposes accomplished to move The Peak Hotel to an internationally recognized and preferable level by significant efforts and sustainable investment.

Growing into a 4-star top-tier hotel with 143 rooms (Superior rooms: 24, Eccentric rooms: 26, Comfort rooms: 93) + 1 Disabled room, 2 Restaurants, 3 meeting halls and a Wellness Center by 2019, The Peak Hotel proudly serves its esteemed guests with its stylistic rooms and exact service concept.